Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tool 8

I learned that Netbooks have a webcam.
I also learned that I need an ITunes account. I have always used it personally for music only. I now know that it has Podcasts, TV and movies.
I learned that students need to log in to all the Netbooks so that they do not need to use the same one every time they go to get one so that the login is quick for optimal use of time.

I will have a management system in place. I am sure it will be trial and error and greatly depends on the students I have. The list that was provided for us was very thorough. I plan to take from it. I definitely will have technicians who are in charge of setting up and putting away the devices.
I am most concerned with keeping the kids accountable for their work and managing their time. This is going to get better as I learn more about the devices and Tools next year.

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  1. Amy I think you have great ideas for getting started. If you need help-holler.