Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tool 5

Making the magazine cover in Huge Labs was extremely easy. I did have to go back and edit it a few times to get the right picture and colors for the tag lines right. When I went to view the tutorial on Huge Labs it was blocked and said I had to disable safety mode. 
This is a great way to introduce the guiding questions that go with each piece of content. The questions are given to the students at the beginning so they have the end in mind for what they will be learning this particular unit. 

I tried BookR and created a book on adaptations. This is great because science texts are often very long and technical. This allows me to create a book on a specific topic for students to make sure they learn the main idea of what is being taught. I can use the vocabulary, pictures and text I want.

Adaptations by Amy Kirn

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  1. Your book turned out great. Glad to see how you would use it.