Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tool #11

1. I love blogs now! I also love Big Labs. I will have students make an All About Me poster at the beginning of the year so I can start to know them and begin to build relationships. I will make one and share it first!

2. Having technology devices in my classroom will force me to think about how to incorporate them daily. The more I use them the more ideas I know I will come up with until it is just naturally part of my routine. I will also learn a lot from the kids. Creating something online that all of your classmates can see is more rewarding than a piece of paper that only your teacher sees.

3. I was equally surprised at how much I did and did not know. I am not as far behind as I thought but there is so much out there it is not possible to have seen and known it all. I am grateful to the district for providing us with so much online information. There are many resources and tools at my fingertips. I don't have to feel lost.

My school computer died. I am finishing this from my Mac at home. I wanted to take the self assessment on 21st Century skills from Atomic Learning but my computer would not allow it. When my Dell comes back to life I plan on doing that!


  1. Way to go Amy! I am looking forward to working together next year. Just FYI, you can take the assessment from any computer as long as you access Atomic Learning for the 1st time from the Intranet. See you soon.